As the world is disrupted, It's time to share your creativity to break through the new normal.

2020 will be a year to remember. A turn of events that instantaneously changed everything. What we thought was temporary became the new normal, and possibly here to stay. Across the world, COVID-19 became the trendiest buzzword — a phrase filled with trepidation and wielded for political purposes. In hindsight, the disruption to lives and businesses also demonstrated the strength and resilience in human behaviour.

Brands became braver, embraced, and accepted the change. Companies adapted and adjusted to stay relevant. Technology quickly replaced our human instinct to keep us connected more than ever.

As we witness the acceleration and degeneration of businesses, the behaviour change model is becoming more apparent. New strategies are being deployed and implemented by brands and organisations. McKinsey’s research reveals consumers and businesses vaulted five years forward with a digital adoption in just eight weeks.

With change as the invisible hand, the catalyst for divergent thinking has already been set in motion. As the next generation of creative minds, do you see opportunity in adversity? And will they continue to shape Crowbar with something meaningful and unique to inspire, excite and show breakthrough thinking?

There were serious considerations to cancel the show this year, given the sentiments surrounding the situation. But collectively, we felt the Crowbar award had a part to play for graduating students as it has always been a platform for emerging talents to showcase their best work.

It will be an exciting year. Together with the judges, we look forward to seeing The Nxt Breakthrough Ideas for Crowbar 2020.

Alfred Wee
Group Creative Director
McCann Worldgroup, Singapore

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