The world is recovering but a return to normal is not enough.
It’s time to for a leap in creativity not to bring us back, but to take us forward.

The Crowbar Awards 2022, “The Nxt Leap”.

As the world starts to reopen and reconnect in 2022, our industry is poised to bounce back – not simply to what it was, but to open new paths and opportunities created by the disruption the past two years have brought.

Just as the pandemic has been isolating and divisive, it brought to light the need to prioritise diversity and inclusivity, so as a whole, we can leap forward and thrive.

This year’s theme - The Nxt Leap, will see Crowbar 2022 bringing fresh thinking to serve a diversity of people and needs.

We are excited to see the amazing ideas from young creatives and their participating institutions that can influence change to bridge gaps, create new connections and bring us all to a better place.

To the next generation of creatives, it’s your time to show the ideas you find meaningful and inspiring. We hope you will take the leap of faith and excite once again.

Let the show begin.

Alfred Wee & Dante Abelarde

Crowbar Awards LIVE Show 2022
The winners will be announced at the Crowbar Awards Show 2022 on Thursday, 1 December 2022, 12pm. It will be an exciting LIVE show!
Registration will open soon. Please keep a lookout on our social pages for more updates: AAMS Linkedin, AAMS Facebook.

Looking to submit an entry?

Entries are open for this year's Crowbar Awards until 5 September 2022

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