No other award show will X (multiply) your exposure, opportunities and fame like this one. Showcase your talent to the best and brightest in the industry.

Here are the award categories calling for entry from now till 22 September 2023.
Carpe diem.

X Impact in
Demonstrate that you are going to be a force in advertising. Wow savvy audiences by communicating with creativity and originality. Entries can be any advertisement that reaches the target audience through conventional media platforms or formats (e.g. print, broadcast, outdoors).
A01 Activation
A02 Direct Marketing
A03 Film
A04 Integrated
A05 Outdoor
A06 Radio
A07 Poster
A08 Print
A09 Art Direction
A10 Design
A11 Illustration & Graphic Design
A12 Photography
A13 Typography
A14 Writing

X Opportunities in
Show that you know how to make a brand famous by grabbing mindshare and converting ideas into brand love. Entries can be any branding programme or branded campaign that aims to boost brand awareness among stakeholders or launched to fulfil corporate social responsibility obligations.
B01 Activation
B02 Below-the-line Collaterals
B03 Business Proposal
B04 Corporate / Branding Identity
B05 Editorial Publication
B06 Packaging
B07 Art Direction
B08 Design
B09 Illustration & Graphic Design
B10 Photography
B11 Typography
B12 Writing

X Fame in
Good design makes life good. Transform a brand’s identity with your superhuman design expertise across multiple media. Entries can be any work that demonstrates how design has been utilized to define a brand or convey its key messages. The work has to possess a unique visual identity that results in consumer recognition or understanding.
C01 Corporate / Branding Identity
C02 Book Design
C03 Logo Design
C04 Mobile Applications
C05 Motion Graphics
C06 Spatial & Experiential
C07 Packaging
C08 Point-of-Sale
C09 Product Design
C10 Others
C11 Website & Microsite
C12 Art Direction
C13 Design
C14 Illustration & Graphic Design
C15 Photography
C16 Typography
C17 Writing

X Results in
Digital rules. Convince digital natives to follow your lead and rise above the noise of social media to be the most influential in digital marketing. Entries can be any creative work that uses digital platforms and technologies to deliver a brand message and interact with target audiences.
D01 Applications
D02 Digital Billboard
D03 Digital Installations
D04 Integrated
D05 Mobile
D06 Online Advertising
D07 Online Film
D08 Social
D09 Website & Microsite
D10 Web Banner & Rich Media Ads
D11 Animation & Motion Graphics
D12 Art Direction
D13 Design
D14 Illustration & Graphic Design
D15 Photography
D16 Soundtrack & Music
D17 Typography
D18 User Experience
D19 User Interface
D20 Writing
D21 Wearable Technology
D22 Digital / Mobile Games

X Exposure in
Film & Photography
Tell a thousand stories through your lens. You are masterful in using these rich media to create entertainment, draw emotions and leave the audiences wanting more. Film entries can be any filmed content created for TV, cinema, online and out-of-home experiences that demonstrates skillful brand storytelling intended for the screen. Photography entries are purely artistic images that showcase your creativity and technical knowledge in depicting compelling scenes through photographs.
E01 Branding Film & Entertainment
E02 Documentary
E03 Music Video
E04 Online Film
E05 Short Film
E06 Animation
E07 Art Direction
E08 Directing
E09 Editing
E10 Cinematography
E11 Scripting
E12 Soundtrack & Music
E13 Visual Effects
Photography Craft
E14 Portraits
E15 Fashion
E16 Documentary
E17 Still Life
E18 Nature
E19 Landscape

X Potential in
Health & Wellness
You change the course of people’s health and well-being by creatively communicating the need for consumer health products and services. Consumers might not read labels but they read your ad. Entries can be any creative idea that reaches the target audience through conventional media platforms or formats (e.g. print, broadcast, outdoors).
F01 Activation
F02 Direct Marketing
F03 Film
F04 Integrated
F05 Outdoor
F06 Radio
F07 Poster
F08 Print
F09 Innovation
F10 Applications
F11 Online Advertising
F12 Online Film
F13 Social
F14 Mobile
F15 Art Direction
F16 Design
F17 Illustration & Graphic Design
F18 Photography
F19 Typography
F20 Writing

X Reach in
Be good at doing good. Help a brand communicate its higher purpose culturally, socially and environmentally. Entries can be work that uses creative communications to create a positive impact for an organization, brand, design, product, innovation, service or message.
G01 Communication
G02 Branding
G03 Design
G04 Digital
G05 Film
G06 Photography
G07 Health & Wellness

Entries are open for this year's Crowbar Awards until 22 September 2023